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Our library is fundamental to developing engaged readers who have the capability and inclination to read and learn beyond their years at school. This is a wonderful place where our students learn to find and use the information they need, to succeed now and in their future life and work.

Our current way of teaching and learning is new for many. Everyone needs to take time to learn the new resources being utilized. No one is expected to be a professional right at the start. We all need to take our time and master these resources at our own pace and ability. Good luck to everyone and be sure to stay healthy. Don't hesitate to contact your teachers for help.

Memorial Elementary School

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Important Updates

Students in Grades 3-5 can access their Blackboard Courses to access the Technology Choice Board which will provide our Classroom Codes and accounts they can use while at home. 


Please check back to this website often for new activities, videos, resources, and information as we go through these changes in our learning styles. Be sure to visit each page that is important to you. They will be updated as time permits and new resources become available.

Library Book Drop-Off


Students and Parents,

Please continue to bring them to school and give them to your teacher to return. We are down to less than 100 books from last year. I will keep a countdown so everyone can see our progress at getting them returned.

Keep On Reading,

Mrs. Freese

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Some Fun Activities 


New Book Resource

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You will have access to picture, nonfiction, fiction, and chapter books.
You can create your own Backpack to keep track of what you are reading and what you want to read next.

If you need help just ask Mrs. Freese.

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